What Our Clients Say About Our Physical Therapy Treatments

"Dr. Simkhayev did an excellent job with me. I was having pain for 3 weeks and on medication and nothing was helping. I couldn't move my neck at all in any direction. The first day I had my appointment I walked out with motion in my neck and only in one day. I was extremely happy !! I will be going back to him for sure to continue my physical therapy. If I can give this Doctor more then 5 stars I will!! Definitely recommend. Thank you."

Pamela G.

"I came to Determination Physical Therapy with immense pain in my right foot when I started. But, when I did my consultation with the Dr. Yakov, he was able to immediately determine what was wrong. And, right away was able to begin treatment the same day as my consultation. I left feeling much better because I was able to use my injured foot without as much restraint. I have been doing therapy with Dr. Yakov for a little over a month and I can tell you that my injured foot is almost back to normal. Now, I am able to stand more than 5 minutes at a time and can walk for long periods of time, distances with little to no pain in my injured foot. I even got my mom to start seeing him for her injury-which was a feat in and of itself. She likes going to therapy now, too. Dr. Yakov knows what he is doing and explains your injury so that you can understand what is required. He is also very open to questions about your injury to help you understand. FYI - I wanted to give a fair review so this review is 3 weeks post this appointment date and 7 weeks post my consultation."

Kaisha O.

"I highly recommend Dr. Yakov. I first came to him in terrible pain after suffering a torn calf muscle and ruptured plantar is tendon in my knee. I couldn't walk at all or even put the slightest amount of weight on my leg even with crutches. Dr. Yakov calmly assured me it would get better and that I would be walking again without crutches in 1 month or less. This is exactly what happened. After seeing him 3 times a week for 3 weeks, I slowly began to walk without crutches, and after a month, I was nearly back to normal. Through his techniques of cupping, stretching exercises, and massage, among other things, he was able to pinpoint exactly where the structural problems were, and was able to correct and heal them over time."

Andrew E

"Friendly and excellent staff. Front desk is always helpful and pleasant. Doctor Simkhayev is very knowledgeable when it comes to getting you fixed up. From setting up exercises at the vicinity to doing them at home my recovery has been quite fast. I have been doing rehab for a torn ACL as it's been a relaxing and stress free process. Determination makes sure everything is going smooth for me."

Mugni M.

"After a bad fall with several injuries, mostly knees and broken toes, Yakov Simkayev said: "I will make you better", and he did. His confidence helped me to regain my own confidence, as well as my former speed and agility. Yakov is the rare combination of being very smart, polite, kind and compassionate. I would not hesitate to recommend Yakov and his team to anyone who needs the unique results of Physical Therapy."

Harriet L.

"I've been seeing Dr. Simkhayev for the past month or so due to ongoing back pain, and in a very short period of time I've felt a drastic reduction in the amount and intensity of the pain. This is the first time in the past 15+ years that I've felt any relief and I'm very optimistic about the long term affects that this treatment will have on me. Dr. Simkhavey is very warm and friendly and has excellent bedside manner. He always explains what affect each treatment is expected to have, and follows up with simple exercises that you can do at home and on your own to help get better. I've seen chiropractors in the past and have never felt that I am actually fixing the problem/issue, with the therapy at Determination I can say without a doubt that I am making significant progress in correcting the issues that are causing my back pain. Dr. Simkhayev is amazing! and I'd highly recommend him!!" August 13, 2015

Premie W.

"Yakov always provides an abundance of patient care, effective care. I have worked with many physical therapists, but generally they would have me fill my appointment time with exercises I could easily do at home or kill the time with electrical stimulation and heat treatments. None have provided as much one on one personal hands on time as this therapist. In terms of improved range of motion and lessening of discomfort, my knee replacement has improved markedly."

Mike Harber

"Determination Physical Therapy is the only place you should go for Physical Therapy!!!
Yakov Simkhayev is the owner and holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He knows how to treat the whole body to decrease your pain and increase your strength and mobility!!
I am only 42 and I had an L4/L5 Laminectomy in 2012 and an L4/L5 Spinal Fusion in 2014.
I am going to Determination Physical Therapy for the severe chronic pain in my lower back. I also have pain in my upper back and knees from weakness after surgery.
I am an Occupational Therapist myself and know excellent therapy when I receive it.
I have only been going to Yakov for 3 weeks and was off all my pain meds by the 5th session!
You will receive 1to1 therapy from Yakov not meat market therapy!!!
You will receive courteous service from the women at the front desk and you can easily make appointments that fit your schedule."